Steady ratings between Eat Bulaga and Showtime after Kalyeserye

With the finale of the Kalyeserye, people are curious how Eat Bulaga is competing with It's Showtime when it comes to TV ratings. With Kantar and AGB giving us different numbers and trends, it would be hard to compare. We can say, however, that there is no significant change in TV ratings for both shows from both survey companies even with the conclusion of the phenomenal Kalyeserye

According to Kantar, the surprising Kalyeserye finale which was aired on September 3, Saturday, lost to It's Showtime, 13.7% versus 19.3%. The data is published by PEP.PH. It's a 5.6% win by the Kapamilya noontime show. 

The data for AGB, however, is showing a different result. Eat Bulaga! was number one for the same noontime slot on September 3 in Urban Luzon, 20.4% versus It's Showtime's 15.1%, or a difference of 5.3 points. 

This difference in survey ratings continued in the next episodes after the Kalyeserye finale with Kantar saying It's Showtime is number one and AGB Nielsen proclaiming that Eat Bulaga is still your favorite noontime show. On September 5, Monday, It's Showtime won according to Kantar, 16.8% versus 12.7%. AGB refutes this, saying Eat Bulaga was ahead with 19.2% over It's Showtime's 12.9%

On Tuesday, September 6, It's Showtime widens gap over Eat Bulaga, according to Kantar, with 17.1% versus 12.1%. AGB, on the other hand, shows different results with Eat Bulaga winning, 18.0% versus It's Showtime's 11.8%

The same contrast of survey results showed on Wednesday, September 7. It's Showtime won, 18.5% versus 12.9% according to Kantar. Eat Bulaga, meanwhile, is still the most-watched daytime show, 18.4% versus 13.4%, according to AGB. 

While we still can't identify which show is the real number one, we need to come up with another third party survey supplier, one that is truly independent from both networks, to show us accurate results. As for Eat Bulaga, it's obvious that the phenom of Kalyeserye has dwindled. The time has come for them to think of new ways to maximize the popularity of the ALDUB team-up. I'm sure a lot of TV fans are looking forward to whatever Eat Bulaga will come up with. :) 

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