Ten Best Miss Universe 2015 National Costumes

The question is, how do you judge a National Costume?

Is it still the girl and how she carries her sometimes outrageous outfit? Or is it about creativity and pomp? What about National pride? 

At the Miss Universe, the National Costume is always part of the spectacle. Remove this segment and we might all find the pageant lackluster. This, eventhough, choosing the winner is kind of tricky. 

Miss Universe has always stressed on the relevance of the costume to the country a delegate is representing. There has to be a story in it. This is why countries with less colorful traditions need not weep. Remember when Germany became one of the finalists in 2014 for a rather simple but creative depiction of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall? And how Canada scored a finalist seat that the same year with an out-of-this-world interpretation of the hockey-loving nation. 

We are all looking forward to how the future Miss Great Britain can wear a Stonehenge-inspired outfit or Miss Norway transforming into a glamorous half human, half polar bear. Maybe we can leave all the feathers behind and see Miss France ditching the usual Moulin Rouge-themed costume and go for galactic Eiffel Tower dress complete with all the lights! 

Pretty exciting possibilities for the Miss Universe National Costume show. For now, here are some of the bests for the 2015 edition. 

1. Aniporn Chalermburanawong, THAILAND
This is what we meant when we said out of this world. Thailand veered away from the usual temple-shaped costumes to celebrate the TukTuk, a Thai public transport. This is definitely the most creative national costume this year! 

2. Olivia Jordan, USA
We were told the wings are expensive but Miss USA is ready to take all the heaviness of this costume to tell the world that America is the land of the free!

3. Urvashi Rautela, INDIA
We can't let go of the less complicatedly dressed Indian Goddess! 

4. Clarissa Molina, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
We see costumes like this every Miss Universe but how can she not celebrate the Dominican Carnival which is both a social and a religious event in her native land. 

5. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, PHILIPPINES
For once, the Philippines will be proud of this glamorized Terno. Designed by a Filipino, Albert Andrada, the Capiz shells will be timeless and the coral crown is just exquisite. 

6. Myriam Arevalos, PARAGUAY
Paraguay has the same carnival culture with neighboring Brazil and they mixed it up with something to remind us of the Coat of arms of this South American nation. The lion and the liberty cap Myriam is holding are national symbols. 

7. Mariana Jimenez, VENEZUELA
Venezuela is the second winningest Miss Universe country but they have not won a single National Costume award yet. In the previous years, they were totally detached from who they are as a nation. It's nice to see them go back to their festival roots this year. 

8. Annelies Toros, BELGIUM
Feather and not furr on Miss Belgium? No! But with the flag colors displayed, maybe we can make an excuse. She is the only European who is making a statement. 

9. Monika Radulovic, AUSTRALIA
The symbolic drag queen's mask on her head and the miniature Sydney Opera House on her shoulders, Miss Australia could've made it to the Top 5 with more spunk. 

10. Marthina Brandt, BRAZIL
If you want to make a long Brazilian carnival dress, this is how you do it. Nice to see a Brazilian delegate skipping red, brown and black and choose yellow. 

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  1. Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina, Beautiful,

  2. Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina, Beautiful,

  3. Clarissa Molina the most beautiful girl.

  4. The best three National Costumes belongs to:
    #1 Dominican Republic
    #2 Belgium
    #3 India
    Thailand's National Costume was so interesting.

  5. Republica dominicana, hermoso traje la proxima miss universo.

  6. Dominican republic ��������