HEART OVER HATE: There is a super hero in each one of us!

How to make a unique and positive campaign that would encourage bystanders to help stop cyberbullying? 

The concept is to bring the campaign to one of the best forms of entertainment -- the movies. The final output? A movie poster. 

Entertainment, lifestyle and beauty bloggers united to form Team Action, one of the two teams who came up with creative concepts for Bloggers' Style Camp 2017 and its anti-cyberbullying campaign Heart Over Hate

This year, "Super Ma'am" cast Matthias Rhoads, Kim Domingo and Meg Imperial are subjects of the campaign and are named to be ambassadors of the responsible use of social media. 

Team Action made the three stars as superheroes, believing in the idea that there is a hero in each one of us. Matthias Rhoads portrays as a media practitioner, Meg Imperial as someone from the corporate sector, and Kim Domingo as a student. These three represent the segments of society who are the most active and most influential in social media in the Philippines today. 

How can they become superheroes? 

Matthias Rhoads' character will step out to be Super Like, inspired from the Like button on Facebook. "Liking" is a simple, easy to use, but powerful way to show support to friends on the social platform. 

Kim Domingo, the student, has Super Heart as her alter ego. This is also a representation of the Heart button on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which is viewed as a show of encouragement or appreciation. 

Lastly, Meg Imperial is Super Smiley. The smile emoji helps bring the positive mood online, may it be through a messaging app such as Viber, an email or through articles on blogs. 

These three characters will come out from their normal daily lives as bystanders, encouraging those who are being bullied to stand their ground and to bullies to stop the hate. The idea of coming out is represented with the three characters stepping on words, crushing them as they come out from their normal characters to become superheroes. 

The lightning represents the rough days a person is feeling when bullied. Ultimately, he or she sees the light after "taking action". 

The title of the movie is a direct call to everyone, specifically to bystanders, to TAKE ACTION! 

Lastly, the values that Team Action would like to promote are showed as credits: Harmony ("music"), Love ("screenplay"), and the most important value of them all, Respect ("direction"). 

We hope that this single artwork can inspire many to always use social media positively. At all times, it should be #HeartOverHate

Below is a behind-the-scene video taken during the shoot. 

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