STRIVE MANILA: Cultivating the Best in Every Filipino!

Jesseca Gutierrez-Flamiano, the chief executive officer and founder.

Any mindset can sculpt results. That's the best way to define the word STRIVE, which inspired the team behind STRIVE MANILA.

Established this year, the company invests in a person’s talent and skill.

Jesseca Gutierrez-Flamiano, the chief executive officer and founder, in one of her prayer time, an idea of putting up a training company came.

As a person, she enjoys organizing corporate events and learning new things.

She's been praying for a business. The universe conspired with her. A venue for free seminars in a hotel was available through someone she knew in the past. Together with some of her friends who are search engine optimization (SEO) experts and a motivational speaker, they formed the training core.

The Prospect of STRIVE MANILA’s Future is Promising.
Today, information technology is one of the most emerging industries. It is practically impossible to imagine life without any computer knowledge or not knowing how to use smartphones.

Everything is already digital. Life has become too fast to accustom to every day.

Training is essential because it means development and improvement in an individual’s data, abilities, skills, thoughts, behaviors, and orientations. It also provides a venue for self-evaluation to prepare someone to meet the requirements of in-demand fields. It is so, to be fortified with the mental skills to face the future needs and achieve success.

As a mother, Ms. Gutierrez-Flamiano understands the value of spending more time with family. She is one in promoting the concept of working from home.

With over 3.7 million employees working-from-home at least half the time, telecommuting is more popular than ever.

She says, "This is the perfect time to take advantage of telecommuting."

Jesseca Gutierrez-Flamiano, the chief executive officer and founder of Strive Manila.

How the Business Operates?
In October, the upcoming events are: How to Turn Brand Crises into Winning PR Strategies by Atty. Jojo Flamiano, Effective Ways to Grow Your Business through SEO by Romela de Leon, How Design Can be Used to Build a Brand by Beaux Flamiano, and Top Secrets to Gaining a Potential Client’s Trust by Marc Castrodes.

Training fees vary according to content and its extent.

For information about the events, please send queries to this link.

The company strives to enrich communities by providing its members with practical tools for their everyday use and growth as well.

STRIVE MANILA is consists of highly-skilled individuals, dedicated to forming other people’s best versions of themselves.

Gutierrez-Flamiano with her son Mikko, 11.

STRIVE MANILA’s Corporate Social Responsibility.
"Per three STRIVE MANILA events, we will donate a computer unit to a deserving student in an impoverished area. 

"We will also provide free and practical Information Technology education," the female CEO shares.

The company seeks to invest in skills for the youth by funding secondary or tertiary education.

"We believe that we can hone them by giving them the necessary equipment. We also believe in continuity. After educating the students, our support will continue. We look forward to these students to become a part of our family."

In the not-so-distant future, the company will build a foundation for graduates (the Strivers) to pay-it-forward to future students of STRIVE MANILA.

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