Hideo Measures His Manhood

How do you measure a man? 

Seems like Brapanese model Hideo Muraoka won't be called the "King of Bulge" on a popular gay blog for nothing. The 28 year-old father of one just revealed on the Christmas episode of podcast "Good Times With Mo" that he owns a penis the size of a Starbucks Venti cup!  

I will give you a few minutes to recover there but this topic seems to be casual for the popular model who went into details, saying that he used to measure his manhood while he was younger and could remember it to be around 18 to 19 centimeters long. Mo Twister was quick to convert and had all positive things to say about Muraoka's 7.28 inches (I really don't have an appropriate word here.)

In between conversations with callers, controversial host Mo Twister roughly segued to asking Hideo if his penis was big. "I think so. (I) never had a problem with that. Nobody complained," the model said while smiling. He quickly added though that the most important thing is for a guy to know how to use it.

Hideo thought that discussion was over only to get the same question from another caller 20 minutes later. Twister's co-host Mara Aquino grabbed a cup of Starbucks to give the curious listeners an exact number. Mara asked if it's the same as Venti-sized cup, the model replied, "could be". 

There's more to Hideo than his thing. Or well, something still related to it. In his quest to be financially independent, he is into exporting male underwear and also sidelines blogging in between runway shows and TVCs. He also mentioned that his priority now is his family. 

There. He is not a di*k after all. :) 

For the full episode of this podcast, watch below.

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  1. Actually I remember he was in a reality TV show and I remember his huge bulge and I knew his BIG but I thought his is BIGGER than 7.28 inches!?