Xian Lim goes all out sexy with Natalie Hart and Coleen Garcia in Sin Island

This may be the first time that you will see Xian Lim go this raunchy for any project. Just a few weeks after doing the voice of 'Paddington' in the children's movie of the same title, Xian shifts gear to perform sizzling bed scenes with co-stars Coleen Garcia and Natalie Hart in the most unlikely Star Cinema Valentine's Day offering of them all, 'Sin Island'

Sure, Xian has shown some skin on TV and several magazine covers before. But in a tongue to tongue action with another actor? I don't think so. This could be an anticipated departure for an actor whose acting projects has been so limited but with a body worthy of more skin screen time. 

You cannot see the full sexy scenes that we are talking about here just yet. You have to wait for Valentine's Day to go awkward with whoever it is that you will be dating that day to see the movie on the big screen.

Thankfully though, Star Cinema has released an 'unrated' extended trailer which saw the hunk actor getting into more action. Are you ready for your next sin? 

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