Sans the fandom formula, Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake set to dazzle the big screen

One of many traditions that huge film outfits and TV networks have to adhere is the "sacredness" of love teams. When they enjoy a huge following, most likely it would be easy  to market their products. As in this case, it can be a TV show or a movie. It may not necessarily mean an automatic smashing success, creating buzz with an established love team is relatively easier than starting from scratch. 

There are studios, however, that are brave enough to veer away from this proven formula. Sometimes they assign the love team to have their own shows. Or, in one in a million years, pair them with others. 

ElNella, the team-up of Elmo Magaloa and Janella Salvador, one of the most supported love teams now on social media, are doing their separate projects with Regal Entertainment. This setup is OK with both promising actors who are excited to take on their new routes and learn new things. As expected, however, fans are not happy. To test the waters more, Elmo will have a different love interest in his upcoming film 'Walwal' while Janella Salvador will be paired romantically with Jameson Blake in their new film 'So Connected'

They should look at the bigger audience, Janella said. In an interview, Miss Salvador said that the movie is very relatable to a lot of people in her generation, may they be their fan or not. 

Here's our interview. 

On the other hand, Elmo Magalona also explained how 'Walwal' can make help him grow as a solo artist. 

Just like your truest friends, true fans should understand and should be able to support you in any good endeavor. Speaking to a much wider audience, we are so excited for 'So Connected' to hit cinemas on May 23. 

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