The Rise of David Licauco

This isn't the first time that a man with a mysterious demeanor has caught the spotlight. In fact, the more secretive they are, the more curious we go. We can stare at their Instagram stories all day long, looking for things which we don't expect would be associated to them. In David Licauco's case, that would be being friendly and warm to his fans. 

I am guilty of branding David, who then is breaking out from campus-based events, as a snob. He was one of the most voted at TV 100's Sexiest Men together with now Kapamilya talents Tanner Mata and Luis Hontiveros. While the two guys were game in interacting with the live audience during the culmination event, David looked like he was forced by his manager to join the engagement. The boy didn't even smile. 

"I am just really a shy person," David said while we were Instagram chatting. When I posted his photo from the same event on Instagram story with the caption "This guy is cute but is it true that he is mayabang?" he immediately sent a reply. "Rinig lang 'yun! Hehehe. I'm nice! People just misinterpret that I'm mayabang maybe because of my chinky eyes. I look mataray and I always look tamad. Nakuha sa high school," he said. "Normal face ko yung mukhang galit. Haha! Hassle. Maybe I should smile more, " the chinito hunk added. 

A few weeks later, David's first billboard appeared on EDSA. This is part of the marketing materials for Bench's 2017 Denim and Underwear Show "Under The Stars." In his transition from modeling to mainstream showbiz, seems like he also had a quick adjustment from being a private person to being more responsive in dealing with the entertainment press and his fans. 

A week before the Bench show, David messaged Glitz.PH, still on Instagram to "give him tips" for the show. Coming from a modeling background, Mr. Licauco doesn't seem to need any runway advices. The gesture was appreciated, however. So does the humility. "Di ko alam pwedeng gawin honestly, Haha!" Fast forward to the Bench show, we now know that he became one of the most applauded that night. 

As David builds up his portfolio as one of the leading men in GMA Artist Center, he continues to appreciate his supporters even more. In a viral photo that was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, he actually went out on a fishball date with one of his fans. When asked what made him reply to his fan's request, the model-turned-actor said that it was the cute messages that caught his attention. "I always read fans' messages to me naman talaga. But this one caught my attention because ang cute nung messages niya sakin. So, yun I challenged her. If her post can get 10,000 likes, mag fishball date kami. I never imagined her reaching that number of likes talaga so yun, tinuloy na namin," he shared. 

David revealed that his date with the fan named Fritz Enriquez, who actually came all the way from Zamboanga, lasted for 3 hours! His favorite part of their date? "When she was making kwento about how I am as a person kasi mas kilala pa niya ako kay sa sa iba kong friends," he said. Can he fall in love with a fan? "Hmmm.. why not? It doesn't matter naman if she's a fan. As long as mag work out di ba?

From a deluge of magazine covers, David Licauco is set to appear in his first soap as one of the main cast in "Kapag Nahati Ang Puso". He joins a great cast including Ben Alves, Sunshine Cruz, Bing Loyzaga, Zoren Legazpi and Bea Binene. The morning series will premiere on July 16, Monday, before Eat Bulaga. 

Less than a year before his big splash to mainstream entertainment, the chinito charmer is soon to release a movie where he is one of the lead stars together with fellow Artist Center talent Shaira Diaz, "Because I Love You." We are going to tell you more about the movie real soon. For now, you can watch out for more surprises from Mr. David Licauco. 

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