As is, Where is acting gave Jaclyn Jose Cannes Best Actress

Playing a fictional character of herself, Eugene Domingo enumerated the three kinds of acting methods in a scene in "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank". One is the "TV Patrol acting". Then there's the "Elevator acting". But what stole the audience's attention is the "As is, where is". 

Popular impersonator Ate Gay, in his many hilarious skits, finds the perfect example of the "As is, where is" method in Jaclyn Jose. The dramatization is so relaxed that in the comedian's exaggerated sketches, it requires less emotions from the actress, even if she is being chased by wild dogs, her house burned down to ashes, or she's being slapped by the movie's antagonist who will always be Nora Aunor. 

That remains an iconic joke to all of us. Until today, it is included in conversations over beer or in fun reunions with friends. But what seemed to be a humorous satire bagged the country its first major acting prize at the very prestigious Cannes Film Festival, no less than a Best Actress for Jaclyn Jose herself. The method may have been presented to us as a joke but the honor it brought the country, even at the expense of Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard and Kristen Stewart, who all performed lead roles in competition movies this year at Cannes, is such a big deal. 

If it worked, then you "as is, where is" it! But how does she do it?

In the official trailer of Ma'Rosa, the film that helped Jose bag the award, the actress hardly have any lines. During the press conference held days earlier in France, Jaclyn admitted that it was a challenge for her to "not act" in the film. Critic Anne Thompson of IndieWire even tweeted how "an audible gasp" went up at the press room after the media was surprised of Jose's win during the awards night. 

While there were surprises, there were also praises from the international press. Variety's Chief Asian Film Critic Maggie Lee wrote how Jose "embodies that careworn yet resilient matriarch with naturalistic grace." However, "she exudes less charisma than (Brillante) Mendoza's other female leads, notably Nora Aunor ("Taklub"), Maria Isabel Lopez ("Kinatay") or Mercedes Cabral ("Serbis")", the review went further. 

The Hollywood Reporter explained the understatement, however, saying that Jose's  subtle appearance in the film is "resilient" enough, that it helped "pack a greater emotional punch" to the movie. 

In her speech, Jose went from "As is, where is" to "TV Patrol" during her emotional acceptance speech. "I don't know what to say. I am so surprised", she said while fighting her tears. "I just went to have a red carpet walk with my daughter... Thank you to Cannes, thank you so much, thank you to the Jury." 

Now would be the right time to take a look back at Jaclyn Jose's award-winning performances which earned her local citations before making it big at Cannes. This should help give you more idea of what "As is, Where is" is all about. 

Jacklyn Jose is being confronted by Nora Aunor who plays Flor Contemplacion. Jacklyn won Best Supporting Actress for this movie at the 1996 Star Awards for Movies. 

Jaclyn throwing a good line at the super blockbuster movie "A Secret Affair" which earned her a FAMAS trophy for Best Supporting Actress in 2013. 

Jaclyn Jose's acting resume would not be complete without her soap opera moments. Here she is performing one of her many kontra bida roles in GMA's soap "Mundo Mo'y Akin". 

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