Tadeo Paras: A Filipino budding filmmaker in the US

Only 25 years of age, Tadeo Paras was born and raised in the Philippines. He shared that it was in his teenage years that he became a cinephile.

Paras is currently in the US since 2019. After finishing his baccalaureate at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, he flew to the States and pursued his master’s in business in San Diego, California. 

His Fascination for Films

"My fascination for Western films began in high school. It was when I continued to watch and got curious about how they were able to create high-quality movies.

"I loved how stories are told [even] in fiction.”

His passion for films even grew intense when he had the opportunity to do acting back in the country. His latest appearance was with ABS-CBN's top-rating revenge drama series--Wildflower (2018) with Maja Salvador in the lead role and the drama series--Nang Ngumiti ang Langit (2019) with Sophia Reola as the lead star."  

Why Study filmmaking?

Currently, Paras is learning more about filmmaking at Santa Monica College and looking to transfer to a more known film school in the future.

"The reason why I pursue filmmaking is to elevate Filipino films.

"Looking at the Western or other foreign films, they have good storytelling and diverse actors.

"It is what I want for the Philippines. Not just have good-looking people, I want our films to have depth."

Since he dabbled into theater back then, he believed that the discipline he acquired in the industry would be an advantage to his film studies.

Pride in his works.

Paras still has a lot of potential. 

"I’m proud of everything I’ve done because all of my projects helped me in my journey to become a great artist. 

"I treat every experience and project as a lesson. I’m proud of each project like that of Garth Garcia’s music video, Do You Miss Me, assisting One Down, Kumu USA, and Add Hiraya Media in their productions here in Los Angeles."

He also photographed the Los Angeles Fashion Week last year, all of those and more. 

"I have a lot of dreams because I don’t want to limit myself, and working someday in Hollywood is one of them. I want to represent my country in a way that would make my country proud."

As a filmmaker, he has this vision and mission to share with his fellow 'kababayans,' "I always want to include my culture in the films that I will be making. 

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