Gil Cuerva overwhelmed with support from fans

It's just been less than a year when Gil Cuerva rose to the spotlight as being one of primetime's newest favorite leading men but his legion of fans is steadily growing. The 22-year old actor shared that he is overwhelmed with all the attention. 

Gil shared that he has met fans long before he played the iconic role of Matteo Do in the local adaptation of "My Love From The Star", but he is surprised with the new fan groups sprouting from different directions. "Talagang nag multiply nang nag multiply lahat ng mga fans. Pati ako, na overwhelmed. Teka lang ha, dami niyo na ha. Di ko lang na-expect na madami na", he said. 

How then can he show his appreciation? "I always try to be active on Twitter. I feel like it's the best way for me to engage with my fans. At least there they get to see (who I really am)... When I get to reply to them mas authentic, it's real... It's really me. Ako 'yun.

However, Gil is also aware that not everyone who interacts with him on social media are fans. There are haters too. "Well, we have to differentiate the bashers from the critics. Critics would say na, for example, kailangan ko pa mag improve sa acting. I welcome those comments. But you know if someone is just bashing you because their comments are really baseless," Gil said. 

What's the worst kind of comment he has ever encountered? "I don't put too much (attention) to it, eh. I'm readying myself but that's only one aspect of my life: 'yung fans, yung haters, yung bashers. They're only one small aspect of my showbiz career. If you look at the grand scheme of things, I feel like these (bashers) are not really that important in my life."

When put on the spot and labeled as one of the breathrough actors of 2017, Gil felt uneasiness at this part of the interview. He said that he is not comfortable about observations like that since he thinks he has still a lot to learn. "Thankful for them to say that. For me, there is so much to prove pa eh. I'm turning 22 and I'm only been doing this for 8 months... There's more." 

As a way to thank his fans, Gil Cuerva celebrated his birthday with some of them at the Bengal Brew/ Wolf and Bear pet shop in Cubao, Quezon City. A self-confessed animal lover, he also spent time with the cats and dogs while chatting with his most loyal fans. The actor said that he is looking forward to meeting more fans in the future. 

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